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Independent candidate’s press conference on the complaint of obstruction of campaign in Gazipur

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Independent candidate of Gazipur-2 seat Kazi Alim Uddin Buddin held a press conference alleging obstruction, attacks and threats in campaigning for the 12th National Assembly Elections. In the press conference, he made these allegations against the supporters and leaders of the boat.

He held a press conference at Cherag Ali area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTongir at around 11:30 am on Sunday. At that time, former mayor of Gazipur City Corporation Jahangir Alam and local leaders and activists were present. Later he participated in several road meetings and campaigns.

At the press conference, Kazi Alim Uddin Buddin said, ‘We had a victory procession in Tongi, not an election campaign. They blocked the march, closed the gates, beat up our workers and took away our mics to disrupt the march. They have hindered the liberation war, independence, Bangladesh through this obstacle. Apart from this, they are threatening our workers-supporters in various ways. The candidates and supporters of the boat have now indulged in various conspiracies after seeing the ground moving away.’

Addressing the boat candidate Zahid Ahsan Russell in the press conference, Buddin said, ‘There has been no development in Gazipur and Tongi in 18 years. The uncle-nephew looted thousands of rupees by holding people hostage. People criticize these things while sitting at tea stalls and reading newspaper news. If I am elected, I will liberate Gazipur and Tongi from invaders just as I liberated them in 1971 with former mayor Jahangir Alam.’

Former Mayor of Gazipur City Jahangir Alam said in the conference, ‘On December 22, the terrorists of State Minister Russel, the candidate for the boat symbol, snatched four of our microphones. The college gate is locked. They also beat up our people.’

Jahangir Alam informed that all the complaints will be made through the media and said, ‘The administration will know about the complaints of creating obstacles in the fair polling process through the media. We will not complain directly.’


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