Home News Increased severity of winter, mild cold flow in Chuadanga-Meherpur

Increased severity of winter, mild cold flow in Chuadanga-Meherpur

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The severity of winter has increased throughout the country. Mild cold current is blowing over Chuadanga and Meherpur for the second day. The minimum temperature in the country on Friday was 9.6 degrees Celsius at Nikli and Chuadanga in Kishoreganj. Chuadanga Meteorological Office recorded the lowest temperature in the district at 9.5 degree Celsius at 6 am today Saturday. There is also thick fog.

Due to severe winter, the presence of people was not noticed in Chuadanga city. People are not going out of the house without urgent need. However, due to the urge of the stomach, the day laborers have to come out of the house in search of work. Rickshaw-van drivers are not getting passengers as expected. Farmers are also unable to go to work in the fields.

Meanwhile, winter-related diseases have also increased. Every day many people are coming to the hospital due to cold related diseases.

Meherpur did not see the sun all day yesterday on Friday. Today the temperature has dropped below 10 degrees. Due to the moderate wind throughout the day, the severity of the winter has increased several times. Low income working people have increased suffering in bone-chilling winter.

A local Dinmajun says that people are unable to go out due to the cold that has been falling since yesterday. As the sunlight is not visible, the intensity of winter has increased manifold. As a result, human suffering has also increased manifold.

A van driver, who went out with stomach urges even in severe winter, said, ‘I am driving a van because of stomach urges, what should I do about food problems. Drive the van with difficulty. I went out with the van even in this winter.’


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