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‘In this mafia we don’t cheat our leaders’

by Afonso
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Allegations of threats and match-fixing against Samuel Eto’o have been raised with FIFA’s ethics committee.

According to a report by The Athletic, many allegations have been made against the head of the Cameroon Football Federation and the country’s legendary footballer. He has been accused of match-fixing, spreading misinformation, threats, violence and abuse of power.

This huge complaint list was sent by the former vice-president of the Cameroon Football Federation, Henry Nyala Kuan Jr. The African Football Federation (CAF) has already launched an investigation. CAF has announced an investigation into ‘unacceptable conduct’ against Eto’o. Earlier, FIFA said to remove the controversial former Barcelona star from his position.

Kuan Jr. alleged that Ito had rigged the match between his academy and Kumba City. He referred to the incident as ‘the biggest scandal in human history’. In addition, it is alleged that Ito arranged for close friend Valentin Nkoine’s team to rise to the top of the league. After losing four of their first seven matches of the season, Victoria United won 11 of their last 17 matches to progress to the next round.

According to The Athletic, Ettore’s relationship with Quan Jr. has deteriorated day by day. Enraged by this, Ito Naki sent money to someone and sent a threat to Quan Jr. The message read, ‘I am the mafia of this revolution and in this mafia we do not cheat our leaders. We have saved our mission so far. But if you cheat me, be prepared to suffer the consequences.’

Even before this, many controversies have arisen around Ito. He was seen beating a vlogger while watching the 2022 Qatar World Cup match between Brazil and South Korea. In 2022, he received a suspended jail sentence of 22 months in a tax evasion case. Besides being the head of the federation, he has been criticized for being the ambassador of the gambling establishment.


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