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In the psyche of children who weave dreams

In the psyche of children who weave dreams

Today is National Children’s Day. Children are being born every moment in some part of the country. Can we build a suitable world for children born every time? Many children are born in poor homes. They are constantly eating food in the struggle to survive. These children are being subjected to inhumane treatment for no reason.

It is everyone’s responsibility to build a safe world for all children, whether rich or poor. This is the responsibility of family, government, state and society. How much are we fulfilling this responsibility? The child who is supposed to have a book in his hand, the child’s hand is on the handle of the Laguna or the bus today. The child who needed a playground is today selling his labor to the owner of the brickyard. Food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care are our basic rights. So every child should get back their basic rights.

We see many scenes every day. One of the most beautiful scenes is that of a small child on a random bed with his legs spread out, flipping through the pages of a book. And when a child is seen eating food with a mobile hand, then the mind becomes upset.

Children’s world of imagination is huge. Many people play in that world. A different mental world can be created in the child’s mind with the trick of the story. Books can be a medium in that psyche. Many people are now working on children’s psychology. Some of them may be writing books, some may be drawing in those books, and some may be opening up the world of children’s publishing. A conversation with four people who dream about children brings up some things –

Sangeeta Imam  Photo: CollectedSangeeta Imam, writer
Sangeeta Imam has been teaching for a long time. He was born to artist couple Syed Hasan Imam and Laila Hasan. He grew up in a cultural environment. While teaching in the school, his friendship developed with the children. The thought of being able to speak like children got him. From that idea, he started writing about liberation war and travel stories for children. Apart from this, he also wrote books on important topics (touch) in children’s lives. So that girls can benefit from reading his books.

Sangeeta Imam gives prominence to liberation war and morality in her writings. He wants the book written by him to somehow make a mark on the minds of children and to get some moral education. Sangeeta Imam says, ‘There is great love involved in writing for children. When children go to book fairs with their parents and pick up various books, seeing their bright shining eyes inspires new writing. In fact, it is a great achievement to be able to make a place in the tender hearts of children.’

Sangeeta Imam has written nine books for children. His book published by Panjeri Publications at this year’s book fair is titled ‘Haray Ja Ta Haray Thar Kahe’. It is a liberation war based novel. In this novel, an attempt has been made to inform children about the cultural movement of the liberation war. The story of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, Angry Artist Society, Mukti Sangamri Artist Association and artist strugglers of that time is revealed in the book. Sangeeta Imam thinks that to develop the habit of reading books among children, books should be handed over to them. And the parents will fulfill this responsibility. Ghost stories or supernatural stories, stories without a sense of right and wrong do not improve the child’s psychological world. So it is absolutely inappropriate to hand over writing books that have a negative influence on their minds.

Mitya Osman.  Photo: CollectedMitia Osman, Publisher
Mitia Osman is a publisher. His childhood days were spent in Dhaka. He is the leader of publishing house ‘Mayurpankhi’. Mitya Osman’s entire range of publications includes children’s books. This publishing house has published 200 illustrated children’s books since its inception. Mayurapankhi has been awarded the Roknuzzaman Khan Dadabhai Memorial Award of Bangla Academy for the 3rd time at the book fair this year for publishing high quality children’s books. Mayurpankhi has published 20 to 25 children’s books in this year’s book fair.

While studying abroad, Mitya saw that the children’s books there were very high quality. So he thought in his heart to publish such books for this country. Mitya started working with children’s books from such a thought. He thinks that books are not only a matter of reading, but books can also be a means of play. Because through pictures, a simple story can create a different atmosphere in children’s minds. Mitya dreams of publishing children’s books in various formats in the future.

Children are interested in what they see. Mitya believes that books can play a huge role in children’s psyche. He said, ‘Children’s world has now become virtual. This is why a baby grows up with a phone from a few months after birth. When we were kids, books were a part of entertainment. Today’s children’s entertainment is TV, mobile etc. The book is now moving away from the child. Books can be a medium of entertainment for children. The kind of books that children will enjoy reading. Reading children’s books is more important than acquiring knowledge. Most parents nowadays buy educational books. It makes the child dislike learning. Children should be given interesting story books at an early age. He will laugh and cry by reading these books. It will increase children’s interest in reading books. To increase children’s interest, books should be given for entertainment.’

Sadika Rumon.  Photo: CollectedSadika Rumon, Author
Sadika Rumon writes children’s books. His childhood days were spent in Tangail. He used to write stories as a child. Later, while studying at the university, he started writing poetry. Write a poem and write a story for children one day. Rumon was inspired to write stories for children from the Mahabharata.

Rumon writes books thinking he is writing letters to children. It can be said that he writes for children from his own feelings. Because he wants to spread the stories accumulated in his childhood in the heart of children through his writing. Rumon said, ‘I tell the story of flowers, birds and leaves. Talk about beauty and happiness. Because I believe, words build people’s hearts. The full human form of the future depends upon the words and utterances in which a child grows up.’

Rumon has published six books for children so far. The books are – ‘Fulmani’, ‘Fangsang’, ‘Patralekha in the Color Land’, ‘Spring in Nijhum State’, ‘Boibhut’ and ‘Bird Strike’. ‘Bird strike’ has been published in this year’s book fair. The book is published by Ekrimikari Publications. This book is basically a story about the danger of nature.

Rumon wants to build a world for children. He thinks that every child is a flower, a healthy garden is essential for him. His goal is to build such a garden in the world.

Hridita Anisha  Photo: CollectedHridita Anisha, decorative artist
Hridita Anisha is a decorative artist. He spent his childhood days in Dhaka. He studied in the Department of Oriental Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University. Hridita used to draw pictures from childhood. In their childhood there were Pragati Prakash books in their house. He liked the decorative impression of those books, which is still etched in his mind.
During his Masters, he began illustrating children’s books. Hridita’s first illustration work was a magazine named ‘Dhanshaliker Desh’ published by Bangla Academy. Then the book ‘Meghavati’ written by Farzana Tanni was first published in her book fair in 2020. In all, he has decorated 5 books since 2020. In 2022, Bahni Bepari’s book ‘Tik Tik Tik’ won an award for her illustrations. Apart from this, ‘Tilaghughu’ written by Tushar Abdullah was published last year, which has more than thirty black and white illustrations drawn by Hridita. He started working in digital media for the first time this year. He has decorated two books so far. This year, the Australian fairy tale ‘Uluru’ written by Anila Parveen was published in Ekrimikri and ‘Shovaner Pakhpakhali’ written by Jharna Rahman was published in Mayurpankhi.

The cover or the decoration of the whole book – which is challenging? In response to this question, Hridita said, ‘Almost every page of the children’s book has pictures from one head to the other. Holding the thread of the story, those pictures float in front of the eyes like a movie. So it is very easy to imagine how the interior decoration will be. But when it comes to doing the same book cover, I get stuck every time, because it seems too challenging to capture the whole story of the book in one picture.’

Hridita said, ‘Children’s entertainment facilities in our country are very deplorable. At this place the passage must be made. The scope of thinking about children should be increased.’ Hridita now dreams of publishing a book with her own decorations.