Home Business In the beginning of the year, the price of LPG increased by 29 taka

In the beginning of the year, the price of LPG increased by 29 taka

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At the beginning of the new year, the price of liquefied petroleum gas – LPG has increased again after a gap of one month. At the consumer level, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission – BERC increased the price of 12 kg cylinder by 29 taka to 1 thousand 433 taka. This new price will be effective from Tuesday evening.

Chairman of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission BERC. Nurul Amin announced this price of LPG for the month of January.

With this, the price of LPG increased by Tk 434 in 7 months. As a result, the most used 12 kg cylinder increased by 29 taka to 1433 taka from the previous month’s 1404 taka. The rate of price increase is 2.03 percent. Earlier last July, the price of 12 kg LPG cylinder was Tk 999. Since then the price has been increasing every month.

The main components of liquefied petroleum gas – propane and butane are imported from various countries including the Middle East. Prices are also adjusted in countries every month, based on Saudi Aramco prices. Rising prices of these ingredients and the dollar have also affected gas prices, says the Energy Regulatory Commission.

BERC chairman. Nurul Amin said that the price of LPG has to be increased this month due to the increase in the price in the international market and depreciation of rupee against the dollar. The new LPG rates will be effective from 6 pm on Tuesday.

According to the BERC announcement, the average price of propane and butane announced by Saudi Aramco for the month of January was $626.50 per tonne, which was $616.50 in December. That is, the price has increased by 1.62 percent in the international market.

As per the latest announcement, the price of reticulated LPG per kg in January is 115 taka 57 paisa. And the price of autogas per liter used in vehicles is 65 taka 76 paisa.

Meanwhile, LPG is not available in the market at that price despite the regulation. In this case, due to the lack of supervision, buyers have to pay extra money.


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