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In Tangail, onions from 180 rupees to 120 rupees in one day

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As a result of new onions in the market and the administration’s surveillance, the price of onions has decreased in Tangail within a day. At the retail level, new onions are being sold at Tk 120 and old onions are being sold at Tk 150. Even a day ago this onion was sold at 180 to 220 taka.

The sellers say that the prices have started to come down after the arrival of new onions in the market. There is some relief among the buyers due to the price reduction.

Assistant Director of Consumer Rights Tangail Shikdar Shahinur Alam said, ‘I am monitoring the volatile onion market. Today the market has stabilized a lot. LC onion is being sold at Tk 110 to Tk 120. Yesterday which was 180-220 taka. Our monitoring will continue.’

Traders said that the price of onion will decrease further in the future.

Earlier, on December 8 (Friday), the Indian government extended the minimum price restriction on exports by three months to maintain normal supply of onion in the domestic market and control prices.

Due to such restrictions in India, the price of onion doubled within a day in the country’s market. On Saturday at 2 o’clock in the morning, it can be seen that there is no shortage of imported onions from India and China in addition to domestic onions. Still, prices were on the upswing.

Raju, a small businessman of Lalbagh, said that he bought local onion wholesale at Tk 130 on Thursday, but it increased to Tk 205 on Saturday night. And Indian onion is being sold at 165 taka, increasing from 98 taka.

In the wholesale market, the price of a kg has increased by 60 to 80 taka in a day, but the retail price is twice as high. At Karwan Bazar itself, domestic onion retails at Tk 220, Indian onion at Tk 170 and Chinese onion at Tk 135 to Tk 140 per kg.


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