Home News In Shariatpur locality Hanuman with burning face, crowd of eager people

In Shariatpur locality Hanuman with burning face, crowd of eager people

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A burnt-faced Hanuman is roaming in the locality of Ward No. 8 Swarnaghosh area of ​​Shariatpur Municipality. A large size Hanuman has been seen in the locality since Saturday morning. Sometimes Hanuman is roaming on trees, walls, and sometimes on roads. Eager people are crowding to see it, they are buying and eating different kinds of food from the shop, taking pictures on their mobile phones.

Mohammad Ujjal, a resident of Swarnghosh area, said, ‘This morning, the Hanuman was staying in the bank area of ​​Swarnghosh Dighi. From there I saw the neighboring area running towards Barail.’

Local businessman. Kabir Hossain said, ‘I saw Hanuman standing on a pole in Dighirpar area on Saturday. At this time many people give Hanuman banana, bread, biscuits to eat. An eager crowd throngs to watch the wild animal suddenly enter the locality. Again, they have recorded pictures and videos of Hanuman on their mobile phones. The officials of the animal husbandry department should take initiative for the preservation of the animal.

Shariatpur District Livestock Officer Dr. Md. Abu Bakr Siddique said, ‘Hanuman came to the locality due to lack of food. It is best not to disturb Hanuman. But my advice would be to keep distance from Hanuman.’

Nirmal Kumar Pal, Divisional Forest Officer of Khulna Division of Wild Animal Management and Nature Conservation, opined that the animal may come to the locality after breaking away. He said that Hanuman may have left the party and moved to the locality. Many people offer various kinds of food to Hanuman so they don’t want to leave the locality. If you don’t feed it, it will go away after a few days. As Hanuman and monkey live in many places of Bangladesh. However, it is believed that Hanuman can enter Shariatpur from Khulna or Madaripur.


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