Home News In Russia, the demand for war-themed books, including classic works, is growing

In Russia, the demand for war-themed books, including classic works, is growing

In Russia, the demand for war-themed books, including classic works, is growing

In Russia, the demand for books with war and patriotic themes has increased sharply, according to the RBK server, publishing houses and large bookstores report. The opposition portal The Moscow Times linked it to the war in Ukraine, which has been going on for over two years.

Among the best-selling war books of the large Russian publishing house AST are the Art of War, written in the 5th century BC by Duke Sun-t, the Book of Five Circles, a 17th-century work by the Japanese samurai and philosopher Musashi Miyamoto, the samurai moral code Bushido or notes from the Second World War. Wars by the Soviet author Nikolai Nikulin. The demand for books by Erich Mária Remarque also increased significantly.

The Ancient Art of War is also among the best-selling books in the Eksmo publishing house. This is not the end of the list of best-selling war works written several centuries ago.

According to Eksma, the Notes on the War of the Gallic Roman ruler Julius Caeser or the treatise of the war duke Napoleon Bonaparte are also at the top of the list. The encyclopedia about World War II by contemporary authors Alexey Isayev and Artyom Drabkin is also popular.

The AST publishing house registered a 43 percent increase in its “patriotism, military and historical prose” category last year compared to 2021, when Russia had not yet waged war in Ukraine. However, the interest is apparently still growing – for this February, the publishing house in the same category recorded a 61 percent increase compared to last February.

Sociologist Valerija Kasamaraová believes that literary preferences in society are a reflection of how people try to find answers to burning questions or escape from reality. “Memoirs, diaries or history books allow readers to make an analogy with the present, find similarities or confirm their opinions,” said the sociologist.

She added that in times of great changes that cause concern, people also reach for mental health books or spiritual sessions.

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