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In Rajshahi district, 13 out of 40 candidates could not pass the secondary level

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In the 12th National Assembly elections, 13 out of 40 candidates in 6 constituencies in Rajshahi district could not cross the threshold of secondary education. 6 of them are self-educated. Candidates with knowledge of signature or self-educated say that experience is their main strength, not educational qualification. However, political analysts say who will be represented in the national parliament. The state has to set its criteria to decide who the legislators will be.

40 candidates are contesting in 6 seats of Rajshahi district in the 12th national election. According to the information submitted by the candidates in the application form, 13 of the candidates participating in the election did not complete the secondary education. 6 of them are self-educated. 4 people have passed the 8th standard. 3 passed secondary school. Besides, 6 people have passed higher secondary. Statistics say that 32.5 percent of the candidates could not reach the medium level.

However, self-educated or skilled candidates claim that experience, not education, is their main strength. In many cases, they do better for the country than the educated.

Self-educated candidate Saiful Islam Swapan said, ‘Those who do politics can run the country even if they are self-educated in many cases. It has become a practice while being involved with politics. What to say in the parliament, what not to say, I think the uneducated can say better than the educated.’

Another self-educated candidate, Abdullah Al Masood Siddiqui Shibli, said, “The reluctance of ordinary people on politics.” In fact, politics is not in the hands of politicians. Politics has gone beyond politicians. There are fights in politics, so gentlemen don’t want to come here.’

Political scientists say that voters have to play a key role in deciding who will be represented in Parliament. They also believe that the candidates should have minimum educational qualifications to participate in the national elections.

Professor of Political Science Department of Rajshahi University. SM Ekram Ullah said, ‘The first thing is that the state expects its legislators to be educated. The people of the state expect their representatives to be educated. Along with academic education, it is important to have political education. A person is best in combination of both. How can an illiterate person make laws to make welfare laws for the people of the state. So, I think the people will not be benefited by such a representative. People cannot expect proper role from them.’

According to the schedule, the 12th national election will be held on January 7. This time 40 candidates are contesting in 6 seats of Rajshahi district. Where total voters are 21 lakh 75 thousand 905 people.


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