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In Rajshahi, 58 percent polling stations are vulnerable

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Out of 5,432 centers in eight districts of Rajshahi division, 58 percent are vulnerable. The candidates say that the administration has been informed to ensure the safety of the voters including the polling stations. Police say that all preparations have been made for fair polling. Voters want to vote peacefully, not violence.

There are 39 seats in eight districts of Rajshahi Division in the 12th National Assembly Elections. According to law enforcement agencies, out of 5,432 centers, 58 percent i.e. 3,119 centers are vulnerable. Out of 770 centers in Rajshahi, 310 are at risk. 325 out of 512 are vulnerable in Chapainawabganj. Out of 774 in Naogaon, 414 are at risk. 245 out of 566 at risk in Natore. Out of 701 centers in Pabna, 496 are vulnerable. Out of 892 centers in Sirajganj, 466 are at risk. Out of 969 centers in Bogra, 662 are at risk and Jaipurhat is at risk of 189 out of 254.

Candidates say that there is a need to deploy additional law and order forces in high-risk centres.

Shafiukur Rahman Badsha, an independent candidate in Rajshahi-2 constituency, said that those who boycotted did not even have the power to stop voting. However, they can create panic in neighborhoods by cracking cocktails on the day before the polls. My leaders and workers have also been instructed, no conflict, voters should be brought to the center.

Asaduzzaman Asad, a candidate for Rajshahi-3 constituency, said, ‘Charanchal is a remote area. The polling stations there are somewhat risky. I have informed the election officials. However, our leaders and workers in that area are still vigilant as in the past.

Voters say there is no conflict. I want a fair election environment.

A voter said, ‘We want to vote in a peaceful environment. The environment in which we all including our families can go to the polling station and vote properly.’

Another local voter says, ‘We will be able to vote for our favorite candidate in the next 7th election. I can choose whoever I want. I will be able to vote quietly.’

Law enforcement forces say that no one will be spared if they try to disrupt the elections.

Rajshahi range DIG Anisur Rahman said that there are 39 seats in Rajshahi division. A headquarters is in the remaining 38 ranges. Best measures have been taken to maintain law and order in these seats. So that no one can cause the law and order situation to deteriorate.

The total number of voters in eight districts of Rajshahi division is 1 crore 54 lakh 60 thousand 332 people. 243 candidates are contesting.


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