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In one meal, the whole house, including the fairy, is sick

by Afonso
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Actress Pari Mani has just returned from her native Barisal. Today (January 14) was scheduled to go to the sets of Reza Ghatak’s ‘Dodo’s Story’. But that didn’t happen; On the other hand, Rajya had to take the boy to the hospital.

Because the little kingdom is pretty sick. Not only that, no one is good at home with fairies. Because everyone has food poisoning.

Pari said about the matter, ‘I bought some fruits from a fruit shop on my way back from Barisal. Before eating the fruit at home, I just washed it with mineral water without cleaning it the way it is regularly done. Babu took very small amount ie two one byte. That’s it! A total of five people in my house including the child, me, my driver are in hospital with food poisoning since 11th night. Even though everyone has recovered, Punya (Rajya) is still hospitalized!

There are many tasks in Pari’s hands. Regarding these, he said on Facebook, “I returned from Nanubari with a lot of good energy. I was thinking to finish the accumulated works continuously. Yesterday was the press meet and premiere of my web film ‘Paper Wife’ at FDC. Couldn’t stay.”

Warning others, this heroine also said, ‘In winter, everyone should eat food carefully. Especially outside food. It is difficult to stay safe from so many bacteria and viruses during winter.

Meanwhile, Pari’s film ‘Paper Wife’ is releasing on January 19. Directed by Chayanika Chowdhury, this heroine has DA Taib and Mamnoon Imon as heroes. Through this Pariki will be available on the screen as the first film of the year.


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