Home News In Jhenaidah, the price of onion has increased by Tk 62 per kg

In Jhenaidah, the price of onion has increased by Tk 62 per kg

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In Jhenaidah, the price of onion has increased by three thousand taka per maund in the wholesale market. Which is 62 taka more per kg. This picture of the price came out after going to Mokam on Saturday. Traders have increased the price of onion after the news of India’s onion export ban was aired on television.

Shailkupa in Jhenaidah district is one of the main onion markets in the country. This morning, wholesale onions are being sold at a price of Tk 7,500 per maund. One hundred and fifty 87 taka per kg as per kg. Yesterday, Friday, the price was Tk 4,500 per maund. That is, one hundred and fifty taka per kg. Last season Shailkupa upazila produced 1 lakh 65 thousand tons of onion. Although the onion produced in the last year has run out, farmers and traders still have some.

According to the sources of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, the big farmers have few onions. Newly cut onions are starting to emerge. Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonions are being sold at Tk 122.

Ratan Mia, farmer of Manoharpur village, said, ‘Last season, I got 300 maunds of onions by cultivating onions on 5 bigha land. There are still some onions in the house. Today, I brought two and a half maunds of onions to Shailkupa market and sold them at Tk 7,000 per maund.’

Ramesh Biswas of Khalfalia village said, ‘I cultivated onions in one bigha of land. There were 40 maunds of onions. Today I sold two maunds of onion at the price of 6 thousand 800 taka.

Businessman Farooq Hossain said, ‘Onion prices have increased overnight after the announcement of India’s onion export ban. On Tuesday, 4 and a half thousand rupees were bought and sold.

Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension Department. Azgar Hossain said, ‘In the district Shailkupa Upazila cultivated more onions. Last year, more than 8,000 hectares of onion was cultivated in Shailkupa upazila. Production was 1 lakh 65 thousand tons.


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