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In Jamalpur, there was a bull ladder run to get lost

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A bull is running with a ladder through the winter fog. And standing on the ladder, the player is giving direction by raising the stick in his hand. This image is not often seen in village fields. Yesterday Thursday afternoon, this traditional ladder run game was held in Moslemabad village of Jamalpur’s Madarganj.

Thousands of people from different walks of life gathered on both sides of the field to watch the game. Everyone is happy to see this game after a long time. Many are watching this game for the first time.

Meem Akhter, who came to see the game for the first time, said, ‘I have never seen a ladder run game. I saw this game for the first time today. My whole family is coming to watch the game. We feel very good. We are enjoying it very much.’

Sixty-year-old Abbas Ali said, ‘We used to watch this game as children. This game is no longer available. Very rarely seen. This game is a traditional game of our rural Bengal. I’m going to watch the game after work today. When you see these games, you feel good.’

Bull owners take part in this game just for fun. If the team falls from the ladder, it is canceled. So they have to be careful even if they take risks.

Moi Malik Ahsan Ali said, ‘This game is a very difficult game. Disqualify if you fall off the ladder. The entire team is excluded from the game. So I stand on the ladder even at the risk of my life. We play this game not for money, but for pleasure.’

Everyone demands to organize such a game every year.

Sattordhva Asha Begum said, ‘We used to watch this game as children. So that we can see this game in the future. Make that demand to the authorities.’

Hoping to organize a better ladder race in the future, the organizer Anichur Rahman said, ‘We organized it in a short form this time and got a good response. So we will try to organize it on a larger scale in the future. We will keep this traditional game of rural Bengal, Inshallah.’

14 teams participated in this ladder race from different upazilas of the district. Among them, the team of Noor Nabi Mandal of Bakshiganj upazila won and Helal Uddin won the second place. After the game, the guests distributed prizes among the winners.


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