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In Jamalpur, the ‘son-in-law fair’ is held

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At the end of the year, the son-in-law will be invited to the in-laws’ home. Several thousand rupees will be given. The in-laws will celebrate by eating big fish, sweets and delicious food bought with that money. For the last two years, such an exceptional fair – ‘Jamai Mela’ – has started in Jamalpur’s Motherganj.

Their joy is spreading around the fair in the entire Teghria region of Charpakerdah Union. The sons-in-law have come to their in-laws’ house. Walking around the fair grounds with brother-in-law and sister-in-law. On the way back home at night, he buys big fish, sweets and delicious food. From afternoon to midnight, there is a huge crowd in the fair. This Jamai Mela which started from December 16 will continue for 5 days ie till December 21. And more than three hundred stalls have got space in this fair.

Shahidul Islam Asad of Charpakerdah Paschimpara area said, ‘We will call the son-in-law and give him money. The son-in-law will buy a big fish and give it to the mother-in-law. Mother-in-law will entertain a lot. This is the main purpose of the fair.

Anisur Rahman, son-in-law of Tegharia area, said, ‘My father-in-law gave 10,000 rupees. My mother-in-law secretly gave me five thousand rupees. I am coming to the fair with my wife. I will buy a big fish. Have some yummy food, have some sweet food. I took betel nut for my mother-in-law. Now we will return home with whatever good food we find on the way.’

Md. A son-in-law named Suruj Mia said, ‘My father-in-law gave me five thousand rupees for shopping at the fair. I will take the big fish. I will take sweets. He will have a feast at his house. This is our main objective.’

Md. A new son-in-law from Tegharia area named Roni said, ‘I have become son-in-law of this area. I have been coming to the fair for two years. I brought my wife. I have brought Shala-Shali. I am buying fish. Besides, I am buying many other things.’

The sons-in-law are busy shopping at the fair.  Photo: The Independent

Different types of expensive fish are available in the fair. Also leaves are sweet, pillows are sweet. Circus, swing, city swing, cloth-cosmetic shop are attracting the attention of the visitors. Traders are expecting profit from the fair.

The fishmonger bought a shop at the fair. Saidur Rahman said, ‘sea bass fish is 1200 taka per kg. There are huge giant prawns. These are Tk 1400-1500 per kg. There is Kurala fish – 15 to 16 kg weight. These are being sold at the rate of 1500 to 1700 taka per kg. We are satisfied with the customer. Please pray that I can sell well.’

The fair’s sweet trader. Suman Mia said, ‘Here fish sweet is 800 taka per kg, leaf sweet is 600 taka per kg, jam sweet is 400 taka per kg, small sweet is 300 taka per kg. Pillow sweets 400 taka, big pillow sweets 600 taka per kg. Son-in-law is coming. Selling well.’

Cosmetic businessman Alal Uddin said, ‘Our business is fairly good. Shops are many, shopping is good. There are also many people.’

Visitors come from far and wide to see the fair. They demand to organize such a fair every year. And the authority said to maintain the continuity of this fair to retain the rural tradition.

Crowd of visitors to see the fair.  Photo: The Independent

Zui Islam, a visitor from Shyamganj Kalibari in Motherganj said, ‘I learned a lot. I saw many things. I went around the fair a lot, I saw all the places. It felt very good.’

Rahmat Ali from Sariakandi in Bogra district said, ‘I am coming from Bogra border. Ataturchar’s house is far away. My friend there said that there is a son-in-law fair here. He said yesterday. I did not believe that the fair will be held on such a large scale.’

General Secretary of Jamai Mela Management Committee. Masudur Rahman Masud said, ‘We are getting the response. I hope that in the future I will have a larger scale Zaimai Mela. This kind of arrangement is to sustain our rural tradition and culture.’


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