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In Hong Kong, the duo heard that Messi’s match tickets are not being sold in Japan

by Afonso
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Inter Miami is making a lot of money using Lionel Messi and his teammates. The team is now on East Asia tour after the Middle East. However, in the match against the Hong Kong XI, Messi and team owner David Beckham had to listen to each other. Because, Messi did not enter the field to disappoint the audience.

Because of this, many visitors expressed their anger and asked for the ticket money back. In this regard, it was said by Miami that Messi could not come down because he was not fully healthy. But after going to Japan, he feels much better. As a result, he has the possibility of playing in the friendly match held in Tokyo.

Hong Kong’s galleries were packed to watch Messi. But with Messi on the bench, the football-fest turned into a PR scandal. With stars like Messi, Suarez, Alba, Busquets in front of the mother, Inter Miami had to leave the field after listening to the two.

In a press conference in Tokyo today, Messi said, he had no way to go to the field in Hong Kong, ‘Hong Kong had an open practice session. So many people came and there was a soccer clinic with the kids, so I wanted to take part in it myself. But to be honest the discomfort was still there and it was very difficult for me to play.’

However, Messi understands the reason for the fans’ anger and hopes that he will be able to overcome their anger one day, “I understand that people were looking forward to it and I will have the opportunity to play in Hong Kong again.”

Tomorrow, Inter Miami will play against J League champions Vissel Kobe. Messi wants to play in that match, ‘About tomorrow, I don’t know exactly. I will understand in practice today. We don’t know yet, whether I can play or not, but I am much better than a few days ago and very eager to play.’

Coach Tata Martino was supposed to attend a press conference today. Busquets, Alba, Luis Suarez and Beckham were supposed to be with him. But after the Hong Kong experience, only Messi was sent. Meanwhile, the incident in Hong Kong has affected the ticket sales, not many tickets for the match have been sold yet.


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