Home News In Brussels, 36 states pledged to support the financing of nuclear energy

In Brussels, 36 states pledged to support the financing of nuclear energy

In Brussels, 36 states pledged to support the financing of nuclear energy

At the first ever Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels, up to 36 countries, including Slovakia, discussed the importance of nuclear energy. The states have signed a statement committing to create conditions enabling support and competitive financing for the extension of the life of existing nuclear reactors and the construction of new nuclear sources, the Ministry of Economy reported on Thursday.

France is advocating that multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or their equivalents from Asia or America, become more involved in the financing of these projects.


Slovakia was represented by Prime Minister Robert Fico and Minister of Economy Denisa Saková. Fico appreciated that the EU is able to change its view on the matter. “When in 2007 we talked about starting the construction of new blocks of the nuclear power plant in Mochovce, we were criticized,” the prime minister reminded the participants of the summit.

Saková added that the government will work not only to complete the construction of new units in Mochovce, but will also take steps to ensure that a new nuclear power plant can be built in Slovakia. Fico has indicated in the past that he prefers one large source with an output of over 1,000 megawatts, probably near the current reactors in Jaslovské Bohunice.

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