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In Agargaon, a reckless truck dragged a motorcycle with its driver

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A dirt dump truck hit a motorcycle from behind in Agargaon area of ​​the capital. The driver along with the motorcycle fell to the side of the road. Later, the driver of the dump truck dragged the motorcycle for about a kilometer thinking that he was dead.

The incident took place on Saturday around 10:30 pm on the road leading from Shishumela towards Agargaon junction.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Sher Bangla Nagar Police Station Mohammad Ahad Ali said that motorcycle driver Ranjan Majumder was going to Agargaon from Shishumela. At that time, the dump truck hit the motorcycle. Thinking that the motorcyclist was dead, the driver tried to escape with the truck. Belal.

But as the motorcycle got stuck under the truck, the truck’s engine caught fire due to friction on the road. The truck driver got into trouble. Later he was arrested by Sher Bangla Nagar Thana-Police while escaping from the truck near Agargaon Crossing.

Motorcyclist Ranjan’s leg was broken. The police officer also said that he is under treatment in the Paralympic Hospital. He said that on receiving the information, two units of Mohammadpur station of fire service came to the spot and controlled the truck fire.

Ahad Ali said, the truck has been impounded. The owner of the truck is being searched for in this incident. Legal action is ongoing in this regard.


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