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In 52 years, Biman has not earned the trust of passengers

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Even in 52 years of its establishment, the national flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines has not gained the full confidence of the passengers. There are many complaints against the airline including delay in departure, broken luggage. However, the authorities have recently taken various initiatives to increase the quality of service. A 24-hour call center is being launched for passengers.

The national flag carrier Bangladesh Airlines started its journey on January 4, 1972 with a DC-3 aircraft provided by the Air Force. Biman was converted into a public limited company in 2007 to improve passenger service standards. However, the government owns 100% of its shares.

In the past 52 years, 21 modern aircraft including Dash-Eight, Boeing-Seven Three Seven and Seven-Eight-Seven Dreamliner have been added to the fleet. Biman currently operates flights to 22 destinations in the world including Canada, UK, China, Japan. However, due to various reasons, passengers still have a crisis of confidence.

Meanwhile, Biman managing director Shafiul Azim also said that there is a plan to operate flights wherever Bangladeshis live in the world.

Managing Director Shafiul Azim said that modern technology has been coordinated to increase the quality of passenger service. New cabin crew has been hired along with food quality enhancement. And the call center is being opened to serve the passengers 24 hours a day.

Biman carried 3.1 lakh passengers in the financial year 2022-23, which is 9 lakh more than the previous year. In addition, the flight will be launched in Rome, Italy next March. Biman has decided to buy new aircraft to operate flights to various destinations including New York.


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