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Imprisoned Nargis condemned Iran’s ‘tyrannical regime’ in Nobel Prize speech

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Her twin children Kiana and Ali accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of imprisoned Iranian human rights activist Nargis Mohammadi. They read out the written speech of the imprisoned mother at the prize distribution ceremony held in Oslo, Norway on Sunday.

Qatar-based media Al Jazeera reported that Nargis Mohammadi strongly condemned Iran’s oppressive and misogynistic government in a written statement.

51-year-old Nargis Mohammadi has been fighting for the human rights and freedom of oppressed women in Iran for decades. In recognition of his struggle, his name was announced for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize on October 6. He was in prison then. Since 2021, he has been imprisoned in Evin prison in Tehran.

Since 2015, Nargis’ twin sons and daughters, 17-year-old Ali and Kiana, have been living in exile in France. Nargis sent a written statement to the two girls from an Iranian prison. They read the mother’s speech on the stage of the Nobel Prize.

In a written statement, Nargis said, ‘I am a Middle Eastern woman and come from a region that, despite its rich civilization, is now caught in the crossfire of war, terrorism and extremism. But there is no doubt that the Iranian people will overcome all obstacles and tyranny through their unity.

Nargis Mohammadi also said that the Iranian government has imposed a mandatory hijab law by force. It is not a religious obligation or our cultural heritage; Rather, it is a means of maintaining authority and subordination in society.

Criticizing the government, Nargis said there is no independent judiciary in Iran. The government has alienated itself from the people through repression, propaganda, suppression of freedom of expression and corruption.

Nargis has been arrested many times while agitating for freedom of expression and women’s rights. Many times he was convicted and imprisoned. He is still in prison on charges of spreading propaganda. Her twins haven’t seen their mother in nearly nine years.

In a press conference last Saturday, Kiana told reporters, ‘I will probably never see my mother again. Or may be seen in the next 30-40 years. I don’t know exactly. I am very disappointed about this.’

Nargis Mohammadi spent most of the last two decades in prison. The Iranian government has arrested him 13 times, convicted him five times. He received a total of 31 years in prison. He also had to receive 154 lashes under Sharia law. He has not yet been released from captivity.


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