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Impact of severe winter on social media, what netizens say

by Afonso
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Winter has set in all over the country including the capital Dhaka. Heavy fog like drizzle is falling all over the country. The Meteorological Office has said that there is no possibility of temperature rise in the next two days. With the onset of winter, social media has also begun to have its impact. Netizens are giving various statuses about this.

A Facebook user named Supriya Shikder wrote in his post, ‘Shh temperature shh! Can you go down so low? You have nothing but character!’

Some Facebook users reported feeling like they were abroad in Bangladesh. A Facebook user named Ehsan Abdullah wrote, ‘I’m (mentally) in Switzerland….’

Another Facebook user named Azad Beg writes, ‘If only there were a few mom and masala tea shops at every corner, Dhaka would have the feel of Gangtok today!’

A Facebook user named Maruf Islam wrote in his post, the bell rang. I opened the door and saw Anju Apa wrapped in an overcoat from head to toe. He saw me and said, “Khaioliz da!”
I swallowed hard. What are you saying! Did you go crazy?

Seeing my surprised look, Apa said, Nihal!

I swallowed again and said, ‘Apa, what happened to you? What are you saying?’

Apa got angry and said, ‘Speaking in the Tatar language of Siberia, donkey! What do you think, we are now in Bangladesh?’

Many people have objections to bathing in this winter. A Facebook user named Zahid Hasan gave a status about this. He writes, ‘The bath of the mind is the real bath. After thinking about putting a bucket of hot water and pouring water from a bucket of cold water… Oof’.


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