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"Immune to shame"

"Immune to shame"

What Pedro Rocha, the day after the Civil Guard spent 16 hours inside the RFEF, leaked that he was going to run for president, it is the greatest proof that these people live in their world. Now that we are in a time of pardons and amnesties, these members of the current Federation are immune to shame. They don’t blush. What any person with a minimum of common sense,

It would make us embarrassed and our faces would turn red, it seems normal to them. And the surrounding court of employees make up for it and justify it. In reality they only think about maintaining status and salary. Rocha doesn’t care. They see him as the doll they can rock from one side to the other. There are people in the RFEF who are already fed up with politics, who have few watering holes left to drink from and few tits to suck from. The RFEF is his penultimate refuge. Spain as a country and one of the opiates of the people (football) will face in the coming months the test of shame and dignity which, however, is already quite scrapped in other issues. Many taifa kingdoms of the territorial federations are under fire of discredit. In Catalonia, the worst place. Another federation where the police have entered and where even the Government has raided with a complaint to remove a 75-year-old man who has concluded that the federation is his and has presided over the federation without resigning in full elections. A cacicada within reach only of that group of those immune to shame. But there are other federations such as Murcia, Castilian-La Mancha, Rioja where embarrassing things happen mainly in elections. In some federations the electoral process can even be paralyzed. In Rioja, immunity to shame goes so far as to believe the President (

Jacinto Alonso

) that can invite you to a party, a meal and tickets to the Bernabéu. And these gentlemen have votes in their control that will elect the next president of the RFEF. Rocha himself has many shadows from the past in his own federation with trials that have lasted years due to doubts about his election. Coincidentally, all of them would support Rocha. Right now I see two major problems. The first is that Pedro Rocha should not be able to legally run for office. If the Secretary of State,

Rodriguez Uribes

transfers, as is its obligation, the complaint presented by

Miguel Galan

, against him for serious infractions exceeding his powers as president of the Management Company, the TAD is practically certain to sanction and disqualify him. Just by initiating a file, the CSD could already disqualify him based on “Article 62/2c. Powers of the CSD: …suspend with reasons, on a precautionary basis, the presidency or the other members of the management bodies, when it is initiated disciplinary proceedings against them as a result of alleged infractions classified as very serious.” The CSD already did it in its day with


and they took him away. When politics wants, if it has a legal basis, it takes out the ace of clubs and kills you. And the CSD cannot hide behind more vagueness to not pass it on to the TAD. A ruling from the National Court of October 9, 2023 obliges him to do so. The complaint was filed on March 12 and we are at 24. The letter is 24 pages long and the CSD says “that the legal services are studying it.” I think that at 2 pages a day they could have finished reading it. But they have nothing to study or be a filter for anything. What I believe is that they are arbitrarily kidnapping him. So leave it in the hands of the Sports Administrative Court (which is what it is for) to decide whether Rocha and the entire Management Commission (from which they resigned

The door



) have or have not committed serious infractions to be punished for one year. If, in this order, Rodríguez Uribes (Secretary of State),

Fernando Molinero

(General Director of the CSD) and

Juan Luis Soto

(CSD advisor and former PSOE spokesperson in the Congress of the new Sports Law), do not fulfill their obligation, I will think that the Government is voting for Pedro Rocha. Because they have the weapon in their hands to prevent him from almost certainly being disqualified, because he has made decisions as president of the Management Company, which are sufficient excesses to be sanctioned. Of course: they would avoid it with serious risk of prevarication by omission and they are warned by burofax. Do these illustrious gentlemen really want to risk their careers for Pedro Rocha? I could only understand that the Government has Rocha in the freezer to use as a temporary remote control in the Federation and when there is a coherent candidate, they will fire the TAD bullet, disqualify him and remove him. Rocha should have left directly, in view of the events that occurred, but since he is immune to shame, it will have to be done with the Law in hand, unless the person who has the obligation to enforce it disobeys it: the CSD; with which you will begin to think that Spain is Equatorial Guinea. Some winks are already happening. Parallel to all this and having fallen the legal brain of


and his heir and current squatters (the State lawyer

Gonzalez Cueto

) there is still Rocha who, within the Federation, puts makeup creams on him (and that is what the makeup artist understands) and tries to present him as if he knew nothing about everything that is being investigated, that he did not belong to the economic commission… and she doesn’t try to tell us that she never met Rubiales because we would think that the makeup artist is on the way to dementia. If Pedro Rocha, with the ashes that remain from the Rubiales stage, were to be elected President, he stated in advance that Spanish football would have no shame and neither would its political and legal control systems. The second problem I see is that once the 2024-2028 elections can be held (October-November), there is currently no solid candidate to provide peace of mind. There is no knockout candidate (I borrow the word from

J.I. Gallardo

). Of all those who have left, only

Mateo Alemany

It would attract greater support, but Mateo is not going to move unless victory is handed to him on a plate because he has already suffered the intestines of the election system of the federative machinery. And this is a big problem. Because it is the Federation with the most media coverage, a presidential position with a lot of public relevance and whoever occupies it will do harm or give prestige to football. Everything we win in the field we lose in the offices. And it is a position that needs to stand up to LaLiga now


when it’s time and there are logical reasons, but don’t turn football at your whim into a battle of egos to win and lose football. Gentlemen, we are talking about a Federation whose budget is almost 400 million euros. And that, in addition to the beautiful sport, it has under its mantle the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Super Cup, the Spanish National Team, the referees…. And the organization of the 2030 World Cup. I would not trust the current Federation with the organization or a match of singles against marrieds. PS I think it is time to take Miguel Galán (President of the National Coach Training Center) much more seriously. Many downplay his importance because of his whistle-blowing activism. His critics call him Querellator, but the reality is that his complaints are what ended Villar, which has caused the intervention of the UCO in the RFEF for the Super Cup in Arabia and the TAD was right that Cueto and Rocha were illegally skipping the first presidential elections. Sympathy and legal reason go in different directions.