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Immediate action on unreasonably increasing commodity prices: Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned to take immediate action against those who increase the price of goods unreasonably or keep the goods stockpiled. Manipulation with food products is not desirable in any way. He said that action will be taken if they are involved in these activities indiscriminately.

He gave this warning after the meeting of the central executive of Awami League at Ganobhaban on Monday evening.

The Prime Minister also said, ‘People’s fate will not be allowed to be played with. There are some people who don’t like anything, they don’t even know what is good.’

Commenting that a faction wants to create an unusual situation in the country, he said, ‘Democracy will continue. There will never be another extraordinary government. Despite various propaganda, it has been proved through the election that a fair election is possible even under a party government.’

The Prime Minister said, ‘People participated spontaneously in the 12th National Assembly elections. Where people have accepted the election, some people are trying to create confusion by making negative comments about the election.’

In the 2008 elections, it was proved that Awami League is the political power in the country, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Awami League has earned the right to vote. Dispatched those who cheated on votes.’


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