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‘I’ll show you what I can do!’

by Afonso
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What Jupiter in the 11th means is what Endrik is going through now.

Only 17 years old. A deal has been agreed to move to Spain’s – Europe’s – most elite club, Real Madrid, but the Brazilian forward can’t go because he’s not yet 18. He has already made his debut in the Brazil jersey, playing two matches, one of which was against Messi’s Argentina in a World Cup qualifier a few days ago. However, in the two matches he played in, against Argentina and Colombia, Brazil lost both matches. Enderik, however, did not have much to do with the win or loss. He only got the chance to get on the field for 26 minutes in two matches.

Other than that, Enderic is one of the happiest people in Brazil at the moment. A few days ago that his club Palmeiras won the second consecutive Brazilian league! Many believe that Endrik’s performance was one of the biggest influences on the way to that title. Whether he is confident or not, Enderik said, no matter how he is considered the successor of Pele-Neymar-Ronaldo, he will establish the name Enderik with his performance! He will show everyone what!

The title race of the Brazilian Serie A was quite accumulated this time! In addition to Palmeiras, there was Gremio, the club that Luis Suarez just left in the title race, Atlético Mineiro, Flamengo, Botafogo. Palmeiras dropped to number five in the points table with four consecutive losses this October. From there, Palmeiras’ 4-3 win at Botafogo in November was a major factor behind the team’s eventual title win.

Palmeiras were 3–0 down in the 36th minute, but substitute Enderic scored a superb 3-4 finish in the 49th minute to start Palmeiras’ comeback, eventually winning with an added-time goal. Endrik also scored the team’s second goal in that match. In the end, Enderik scored 11 goals in 31 league matches, 6 of which came from the Botafogo match to the last 8 matches.

Enderik, one of the heroes of such a remarkable comeback to win the title, spoke to the news agency AFP yesterday at the club’s new sponsor event. There, at first, after Pele-Ronaldo-Neymar, he was considered the next superstar of Brazil. Enderic first gave due respect to Pele, the undisputed legend of Brazil. The answer was, ‘No one can match Pell’s feet. He is the king of football.’ And compared with Pele-Ronaldo-Neymar? Enderik’s response to that brings out the limitations of his 17-year-old brain, ‘I just want to be Enderik. I want to show everyone what I am!’

Although not quite the traditional Brazilian style on the ball, Enderic is easily noticed with his strong physique and great finishing compared to his age. The style of play, however, is more similar to Adriano, another regrettable former striker of Brazil, than Pele-Ronaldo-Neymar. Even so, clubs like Real Madrid did not rush to get him. All arrangements for Enderik’s move from Palmeiras to Madrid are complete, according to Spanish and Brazilian media reports, the amount of the transfer is eye-watering – 6 million 50 million euros! As a non-European, he cannot join Madrid before he turns 18. He will become a member of Real Madrid after cutting his 18th birthday cake on July 21.

However, Enderik is not worried about joining the best club in the world. AFP also told the reason – ‘to keep anxiety at bay.’

If this de-stressing technique can be applied to the Madrid jersey, perhaps Enderik won’t have to struggle too much to make himself known.


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