Home News If you don’t eat biryani, threaten to commit suicide!

If you don’t eat biryani, threaten to commit suicide!

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A man threatened to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge in Kolkata. According to Indian media NDTV, he said he would not commit suicide if he was fed biryani and provided a job. Otherwise he will jump off the bridge and fall. And that threatened the police!

The police also promised to provide him a job and feed him biryani. Then he moved from there. However, it is not known whether the promise was kept later.

Karaya Police Station informed that the incident happened on Monday afternoon. At that time, the 40-year-old man was crossing the bridge on a wheeler with his daughter. At one point, he dropped his mobile phone and left it with his daughter. Then he went to one side of the bridge and threatened to commit suicide.

When I told the police, they came. Later he threatened the police as well. The police convinced him to stop him from committing suicide. Due to this, there was a jam for about an hour.

Locals say that the person has suffered a lot of loss in business recently. Apart from this, he divorced his wife. All are in dire financial straits. That’s why he needs a good job.


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