Home News If we want peace, we must prepare for war. We will not let Ukraine fall, the EU and the US promise, and they are increasing aid

If we want peace, we must prepare for war. We will not let Ukraine fall, the EU and the US promise, and they are increasing aid

If we want peace, we must prepare for war.  We will not let Ukraine fall, the EU and the US promise, and they are increasing aid

EIn response to the threat from Russia, Europe must send St defense ability is it worth reimu ekonomiky? f Evropsk rady CharlesMichelit was written bylnkuwhich was published by the Euractiv server on Monday.

Europe mus take responsibility for his own security and not to rely heavily on the support of countries such as the USA, he stated in the textMichel. On Thursday, he will preside over the EU summit, where the leader will discuss support for Ukraine, which has been under Russian aggression for two years.

“If the EU’s response is not correct and we do not provide Ukraine with sufficient support to stop Russia, we will be on the offensive. We must therefore be prepared for defense and go into the regime of ‘economic wool’,” he saidMichel. “If we want to die, we have to prepare for the wolf,” he added.

Michelstated that although Europe has made progress since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in November 2022, among other things, it has increased military production capacity by 50 percent, but it remains to be seen much more. According to him, the 27-year-old has not invested enough resources in its security and defense for ten years.

Michelcalled on the EU countries to ensure that Ukraine gets what it’s time to paint. Among other things, they will spend EU pensions on military equipment and use the unmeasured profits from frozen Russian assets to buy weapons for Kiev. In the link, he also called on the country to facilitate investments in defense.

On Monday, EU leaders agreed on five billion euros (126 billion kroner) outside the European Peace Facility (EPF), which will be earmarked for military aid to Ukraine. She informed about it in StswallowedCouncil of the EU. At a meeting in Brussels today, EU foreign ministers definitively agreed on the creation of the Ukraine Assistance Fund (UAF) within the EPF.

Vyuit ruskch aktiv

EU diplomat Josep Borrell will propose that the EU use 90 percent of the proceeds from Russian assets frozen in Europe to buy weapons for Ukraine through the European Peace Facility (EPF). This was reported by the Reuters agency. According to Borrell, the remaining ten percent should be transferred to the EU budget and should be used to increase the capacity of the Ukrainian defense industry. The EU diplomat added that he would submit his proposal to the state in the middle, i.e. before the EU summit, which takes place on Thursday and Friday.

Proceeds from frozen Russian assets can be used to help Ukraine, EU ministers said on Monday. “I don’t know if there was unanimity, but there was a strong consensus to support this decision,” Borrell said. However, the lens states could not yet agree on what the pensions should be used for. Some of the countries talk about military support for Ukraine and its defense industry, but others only talk about the future reconstruction of Ukraine. The European Commission should be able to go ahead with a new proposal regarding the use of proceeds from frozen Russian assets this week.

Fallen country in response to the flow of Russian troops into Ukraine more than two years ago, the assets of the Russian central bank were frozen, worth around 260 billion euros (roughly K6.6 trillion). The majority of these assets are located in Europe, especially in the international Euroclear payment clearing center in Belgium. The European Commission wants to provide Ukraine with the first proceeds from these assets. In this way, it could save between 15 and 20 billion euros by 2027, an unnamed EU official told Reuters.

Borrell stressed that the proposal is to use proceeds from assets frozen in Europe, not the assets themselves. According to Ron, it could bring in billions of euros (75.6 billion K). “The specific proposal will be submitted tomorrow, it is up to the Polish states to agree,” added the EU diplomat.

We will not let Ukraine fall

Don’t leave the world connected and freeUkraineto fall, and then they will support it in defense against the Russian invasion. On Tuesday, American Defense Minister Lloyd Austin announced that the US Air Force Base in Ramstein, Germany, had agreed to provide military support to Kyiv.

“Russia is paying a huge price for (President Vladimir) Putin’s imperial dreams. At least 315,000 soldiers have been killed or wounded,” Austin said. He noted that, in addition to human losses, Russia also has to deal with the economic consequences of the wolf. “Putin’s decision will cost Russia 1.3 trillion dollars (K30.3 trillion) by 2026 on the original estimated economic growth,” she said.

The American Minister of Defense also said, eUkraineI have to rely on American help for defense. “As US President Joe Biden said, PutinUkrainedon’t stop butUkraineto stop Putin,” said Austin. He noted that Kiev therefore needs arms supplies for its defense. In this context, he commended the countries that have recently prepared new arms packages. Immediately after the introduction of new American aid worth 300 million dollars (seven billion K ) changed the Esk fully to the procurement of 800,000 pieces of anti-aircraft ammunition, thereby supporting Britain, Germany, the Scandinavian and Baltic states, or Poland.

“Don’t let the USUkrainefall, don’t let this coalitionUkrainefall, don’t let the world go freeUkraineto fall,” Austin said. The media previously reported that Austin would attend a so-calledUkrainewhich brings together about five hundred armed countries supporting Kiev, the elites have long been allies about the future of American aid.

The American government has since arrested a full-fledged Russian aggression sent toUkrainemilitary equipment of all kinds, which is then supplemented by pensions released by Congress. At the end of last year, however, she used up the last of the funds that donors had released for this purpose, and American military aid has been paralyzed ever since. A proposal that would provide the government with an additional $60 billion (K1.4 trillion) in military and economic supportof Ukraineit was passed by Sen, but the Republican-led House representative is currently blocking it.