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“If the wicket is flat, will I say, ‘Brother, don’t bowl?'”

by Afonso
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Mirpur’s wicket has been talked about since the first day of the Test. It happens all the time.

There is a reason. When the Bangladesh team goes to play on foreign soil – be it a series or a tournament – most of the time, it faces the face, behind which many people see the responsibility of playing on a wicket like Mirpur. When 15 wickets fell on the first day of the ongoing Test against New Zealand, and 13 were taken by the spinners, naturally the pitch was studied.

But Bangladesh’s 23-year-old offspinner Naeem Hasan probably doesn’t like so much talk about wickets. Naeem came to the press conference at the end of the day, there he explained to the question about the wicket, whatever the wicket, everyone has to play on it.

“The wicket was better for batting today than the first day. If we can bat well, then good. Play with the challenge. As the wicket is given, it has to be played there. Excuses cannot be given’ – said Naeem.

As an example of not giving excuses, he said, ‘Now if a flat wicket is given, then should I say that brother I will not bowl! Batsmen are batting and running on this wicket. Now we all have to try. Whatever the wicket, we have to put up a good collection, we have to do well in bowling too.’

Absolutely simple calculations! The fact that Naeem today called the pitch more conducive to batting, is probably in everyone’s eyes since the beginning of the day. The great aggressive batting by Glenn Phillips finally gave New Zealand an 8-run lead in the first innings. In the end, Bangladesh scored 38 runs with the loss of 2 wickets, leading by 30 runs at the end of the day’s play in low light.

Bangladesh will consider it safe to give New Zealand a target of how many runs? Naeem has given his opinion on this, ‘The longer we bat, the better for us. If we score 200-220 runs, we will be able to defend, God willing.’


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