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If the smartphone camera doesn’t work…

by Afonso
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A smartphone can develop various problems after using it for a long time. One of the problems is the phone camera suddenly not working. Hangs or stops working after turning on the camera. A report by tech site Make Use Over has revealed several ways to solve this camera problem.

If the camera does not work, the smartphone must be restarted first. Many people do not restart even after using the device for a long time. A restart solves many problems. So if the smartphone camera is not working properly, it should be restarted first.

Clear the cache and data of the camera app. If the camera app’s cache and data are out of date, camera issues may occur. Close the camera app and go to the app’s storage from settings and select the clear cache file option. If the phone’s software is updated, the camera and other features work properly. So you should always try to keep the smartphone software updated.

If restarting or clearing cache and data does not solve the problem, the smartphone must be factory reset. This will default the phone software and all settings. But before factory reset all files, images, videos and necessary documents should be backed up. Because, factory reset will delete all the files or documents on the device. The smartphone will be like new.


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