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‘If I want to bow down, who will stop me?’

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The first four matches were not played, but Mohammad Shami became the highest wicket-taker in the World Cup. He got 24 wickets in 7 matches. Shami entered the list of top five wicket takers in World Cup history with 55 wickets.

Despite such a performance, a lot of bad things have been said around him. An attempt has been made to spread the poison of communalism. Especially the news spread by Pakistanis in different media around Shami was offensive. Finally Shami spoke about it.

Shami took five wickets in three matches in the World Cup. In between, he sat down on the ground to celebrate. Some media outlets in Pakistan claimed that Muslim Shami wanted to prostrate, but ended up restraining himself out of fear.

Earlier too, Shami had to be harassed by some Indian fans for being Muslims. After those incidents on social media, the news of being afraid to prostrate was seen as an attempt to incite communalism.

Agenda Today in a conversation with Tak, Shami dismissed these talks, ‘If I want to prostrate, who will stop me? If I wish, I will prostrate. What’s wrong with that? I am a Muslim. I proudly say I am a Muslim and an Indian. What’s wrong with that?’

After that, he sent a message to the Pakistani press saying, ‘If I had any conscience, I would not be in India. Why should I be here if I need someone’s permission to perform Sajdah?’

Shami said that the reason for celebrating that day was fatigue, ‘I myself have seen on Instagram and Twitter that they are claiming that I did not even want to offer Sajda. Have I ever done this before? I got five wickets many times in my life. If you want me to do it, tell me where to do it, I will do it on all platforms in India. No one can question me about this. That day I was bowling with two hundredths of my ability. That’s why I celebrated in such a tired way. I get a little goosebumps when someone grabs my hair and pulls me from behind. People started making memes after seeing this.’


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