Home News If elected again, I will provide gas connection to Nawabganj-Dohar: Salman F Rahman

If elected again, I will provide gas connection to Nawabganj-Dohar: Salman F Rahman

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If elected again, gas connection will be provided to Dhaka’s Nawabganj and Doha, Salman F Rahman, the current Member of Parliament for Dhaka-1 Constituency and candidate of Awami League, has promised to start the election campaign. He started the election campaign by distributing leaflets in Daulatpur of Nawabganj on Monday morning.

Salman F Rahman, the Awami League nominated candidate for Dhaka-1 constituency, started campaigning for the election by distributing leaflets in Daulatpur of Nawabganj after receiving the symbol allocation. In the bazaar, on the road and on the edge of the people in the promotion of the boat called Dhal. The election atmosphere became loud with slogans.

Salman F Rahman distributed leaflets in many villages of several unions of Nawabganj. At this time, he asked the voters to vote by boat for the sake of the country’s development.

Voters also presented their demands to the boat candidate. The locals highlighted what they got in the past days and what they want again. Salman F Rahman went to various houses in the area including Sholla, Daulatpur, Malikanda, Bagmara, Tirakpur and inquired about the voters. At this time women and elderly voters spoke openly with Salman F Rahman.

If elected again, Salman F Rahman promised to make Nawabganj and Dohar the country’s model upazilas. He promised to move forward with everyone.

Salman F. Rahman said, ‘I came to the area after getting the mark. I visited the bazaar. Getting spontaneous response from people. I see everyone is on the side of the boat.’

In response to a question from journalists, he said that the work of laying the gas pipeline in Dohar-Nawabganj is almost finished. If elected, gas will reach homes within one year.

Salman F Rahman also said, ‘Gas infrastructure cannot be done overnight. It takes a while to do this. Pipeline installation is almost done. Hopefully, if elected, I will start connecting immediately after the election.’

Salman F Rahman also hopes that the voters will answer all domestic and foreign conspiracies through ballots if the polls are disrupted.


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