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‘I will stay away from corruption, I will not give chance to others’

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Awami independent candidate Sahabuddin Ahmed Chanchal of Manikganj-2 (consisting of three unions of Singair-Harirampur and Sadar) has announced his 20-point election manifesto. The leader of the Central Committee of the Volunteer League is the son of late Samsuddin Ahmed, the former Member of Parliament of Manikganj-2 Constituency. His symbol in the 12th National Assembly election is the eagle.

He announced the manifesto at a press conference at Hariampur Upazila Press Club premises on Friday afternoon. At this time his mother Diluara Begum, uncle. Salim Uddin, wife Godhuli Ahmed and daughter Nitara Samsuddin were present.

In the press conference, Sahabuddin Ahmed Chanchal said, ‘I am the youngest and economically weak among the parliamentary candidates who are contesting in my seat. I bought election nomination papers with the money of my friends, classmates and common people of the area. They are again paying my election expenses with their pocket money. The manifesto that I am announcing today is the manifesto of the common people.’

Chanchal said, ‘If I win the election, the general public will win. I do not deny the developmental work of any previous MP. If I am elected in the national elections, I will add more innovations to the continuity of previous developments.’

Then the 20-point manifesto of Awami independent candidate Sahabuddin Ahmed Chanchal presented. He said, ‘If I am elected in the 12th national parliament election, I will not do corruption myself, I will not allow others to do corruption. I will create a safe environment for all religious people in my constituency to practice their religion and religious culture peacefully. I will not go abroad and live a luxurious life after being elected by the people. I and my family members will seek health care in our locality.’

He also said, ‘I will monitor the market regularly so that no trader can create a syndicate and increase the price of daily commodities in my constituency. To protect Harirampur from Padma erosion, we will convert the temporary embankment into permanent embankment. As a long-standing demand of the people of South Manikganj, I will take the initiative to build a bridge over the Kaliganga river in the Barundighat area.

This candidate of Eagle symbol said, ‘I will keep the ambulance service running with drivers of two health complexes in my constituency Singair and Harirampur upazila. We will ensure the health care of the people living across the Padma river in remote areas. Besides, I will develop the tourism industry in Padma Char, so that the people living in Char will have employment opportunities.

Sahabuddin Ahmed said, ‘I will start a student-friendly bus service from my constituency Singair and Harirampur for those students who travel regularly to Govt. Manikganj Devendra College, Govt. Mahila College and Khan Bahadur Awlad Hossain College.’

In the manifesto, he also said, ‘I will establish multiple public libraries and cultural centers at important points in the constituency so that students, job seekers and people seeking knowledge can get back a suitable environment for learning and develop themselves as people full of patriotic and humanitarian qualities. I will prepare a list of all the martyred freedom fighters of the constituency and take the initiative to publish their biographies. I will take the initiative to name bridges, important infrastructures and roads within the constituency after martyred freedom fighters and philanthropists of the respective areas.

“I will not recommend the implementation of any anti-people projects and works if I win the people’s vote as an independent candidate.”

Incidentally, 20 candidates of different political parties including Awami League, Awami League Independent, Jatiya Party are contesting in the three constituencies of Manikganj. However, none of the candidates except Sahabuddin Ahmed Chanchal announced their election manifesto.

Independent candidate Sahabuddin Ahmed Chanchal’s announcement of election manifesto was applauded by public representatives and civil society leaders of Harirampur Upazila.

In this regard, Harimpur Upazila Chairman Dewan Saidur Rahman said, ‘Sahabuddin Ahmed Chanchal’s announcement of election manifesto has been very good. I applaud his declaration of manifesto. I have seen them abroad when elections are held, announcing manifestos. Later, if the work is not done according to the manifesto, then the people have to be accountable.’ He thinks that all the candidates should announce the election manifesto.


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