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‘I will not keep him in the police station if he does not listen to the police’

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‘We are Dr. Abdus Sobhan is a rose worker, Awami League worker. Looking up at us, the eye must be removed. And if someone says he will break his leg, then call me. He will be caught like a bat from all sides and will be finished, there will be no concessions. Can’t you? Are you afraid? Awami League is in power, the police is yours. The police who will not listen to Hala, I will not keep that police Hala in the police station, clear language.’

Madaripur-3 candidate for boat symbol. This provocative speech by Kamrul Hasan Selim, President of Sahebrampur Union Awami League of Kalkini Upazila and former UP Chairman, on behalf of Abdus Sobhan Mia Golap has gone viral on social media. On Thursday afternoon, a written complaint was submitted to the Assistant Returning Officer on behalf of the independent candidate Professor Tahmina Begum.

In this regard, Sohel Rana, a member of the election management committee of the independent candidate Professor Tahmina Begum’s eagle symbol, said, “Since the symbol was allocated, the boat candidate and his workers and supporters have been influencing the election. By giving scary speeches on social media including various rallies and gatherings, creating an atmosphere of fear among the voters and destabilizing the election environment. A leader of our Awami League of Laxmipur Union of Kalkini Upazila has already been killed around the election.

Sohail Rana also said, ‘We strongly condemn and protest the said intimidating, provocative and insulting and indecent speech of Kamrul Hasan Selim and demand appropriate legal action. A complaint has been made to the Election Commission in this regard. ‘

In this regard, Assistant Returning Officer and Kalkini Upazila Executive Officer Uttam Kumar Das said, ‘I have received a complaint, the higher authorities will be informed.’

Accused Kamrul Hasan Salim denied the allegations and told reporters that his statement was edited and released on Facebook. There was more talk before and after.


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