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I will give time to family

by Afonso
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The last two years have created a distance from work. Will try again this year. And this distance is because of my studies. That too is ending. Completing Masters in Media and Communication. I want to finish my thesis in next four months and return to work. And I want to do what I like. A plan has been in my mind for the past few years. That is to make an alternative career. And that’s why I did Masters. I want to build that alternative career.

As Opi Apa says or Ishita Apa they have developed alternative careers, I will do the same. And now that opportunity is much greater. It can be done at home.

My thesis work will start from 17th January. Usually it will take 6 months. I am thinking of making a short film for thesis. By doing this, the thesis work will be completed within 4 months.

I want to say another thing, this year I want to be fit. Most importantly, make time for family. I will focus on that this year.

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