Home News I have no children, not two – not one: Pia Chakraborty

I have no children, not two – not one: Pia Chakraborty

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On November 27, Parambrata-Piya Chakraborty got legally married. Recently some of their pictures were spread on social media. Where a child catches the eye with absolute peer. After that, there were rumors – Piya Chakraborty became the mother of the child! It is actually a rumor.

Piya opened up about this rumor in a social media post today. He wrote, ‘Preaching in the public interest, under compulsion. Pia Chakraborty, I mean, has no children. Wasn’t even in the past. Not two, not one.’

He also urged fans to beware of such ‘fake news’. Said, ‘Please don’t be chickened out by the fake news factory.’

It is known that the child seen in the pictures shared by the peer on Facebook belongs to another couple who came to visit their home.

Incidentally, singer Anpam Roy’s ex-wife Piya Chakraborty. He got in touch with actor Parambrata during the Corona crisis. Practicing with Anupam since her breakup. But neither of them was saying anything publicly. Finally, this rumor is true. Piya-Parambrata sat on the wedding table.


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