Home News ‘I fell to the ground and pretended to be dead’ – Moscow attack survivors share their stories

‘I fell to the ground and pretended to be dead’ – Moscow attack survivors share their stories

‘I fell to the ground and pretended to be dead’ – Moscow attack survivors share their stories

According to official reports, at least 115 people were killed and more than 120 injured in the brutal attack.

Witnesses to the brutal massacre at the Crocus City concert hall outside Moscow have begun to share their stories of the horrific terror attack that claimed the lives of at least 115 people and injured more than 120.

The attack was carried out by several men armed with assault rifles who entered the venue just before the start of a nearly sold-out concert by rock group Picnic on Friday evening and began shooting patrons on sight and at point-blank range. They then set fire to the building from inside the concert hall.

Many witnesses said in media interviews that it was not immediately clear what was happening, with one woman telling the BBC that she first thought the sound of gunfire was some kind of firework. It wasn’t until she saw the people in the lower rows of the hall starting to panic that she realized what she was hearing.

One of the concertgoers, 61-year-old Elena, told reporters about the heroic man who was able to save countless lives during the attack. As people began to rush toward the back of the stage, one of the terrorists blocked their path, she said. Then one of the visitors jumped on the attacker and managed to take his assault rifle and knock him down with the gun’s stock, allowing several dozen people to escape through the emergency exit, the woman claimed.

Elena said she wasn’t sure if the man managed to survive because she didn’t see him afterwards and gunfire was soon heard in the hall again.

Another victim, who is currently hospitalized, said she survived by playing dead. In an interview shared by several Russian media, the woman recalled that the attackers spotted her along with several other people and quickly opened fire as the victims ran for their lives.

“I fell to the ground and pretended to be dead. The girl near me was probably killed,” the woman said, adding that when the fire raged in the building, she lay near the door to get a chance to breathe. The woman, who also suffered burns in the fire, said she was able to crawl to the exit a few minutes later.

RT translator Alexander Petrov was supposed to join his family members at the concert, but he was late due to being delayed at work and miraculously managed to avoid chaos at the last minute.

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Dave Privov, a photographer who was at the Crocus venue, told the BBC that he and a friend were on the balcony of the concert hall when he saw the attackers enter. When the terrorists opened fire on the crowd in the lobby, people began laying on the floor on top of each other in the aisles, he recalled.

“At the same time, we understood that they could enter from any door with machine guns, and we tried to move to the nearest exit at the top. Slowly, single file, crawling, forward, up, we crawled out.” said the photographer.

Some of the survivors from the concert hall noted that the security personnel at the venue did their job very professionally and quickly opened the emergency exits, directing people to them and trying to prevent panic. “I was just taken out with the mob,” one woman recalled.

But others said it was difficult to get out of the building as many doors in the sprawling complex remained locked. Back then, terrorists shot people in the back as they tried to escape.

” they shouted. They shot people in the back and shouted, ‘Everyone get off, don’t move.’ I don’t know how we managed to escape, we were sitting not far from the door, but luckily the door was open.” another survivor told the media.

Among the victims of the attack was Yevgenia Ryumina – the daughter of the famous Russian cosmonauts Valery Ryumin and Elena Kondakov, famous as the third woman in space. In fact, she could be seen in the first footage of the incident, in which the terrorist is shooting at a group of people near the entrance to the compound.

According to the 112 Telegram channel, Ryumina managed to survive because she was covered by the bodies of people standing in front of her. However, she lost her documents during the incident, which were later found during a search of the premises, prompting the authorities to declare her dead.

What you need to know about the site of the terrorist attack in Moscow

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that eleven suspects, including four terrorists, were allegedly directly involved in the Crocus attack. The agency noted that the attackers were detained as they tried to reach the Russian-Ukrainian border.