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I didn’t feel love when: Moushumi Hamid

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‘I never realized that I fell in love. In hindsight, we actually fell in love while traveling. And that is in the forest.’

This is exactly how Mousmi Hamid hinted at falling in love with friend and producer Abu Saeed Rana. This actress has just recovered. Tomorrow (January 12) their love will culminate in marriage.

Moushumi comments about Saeed Runner, ‘He also did Masters in Geology from Dhaka University. Then he got involved with showbiz out of love for drama and movies. Her love for nature attracted me. Due to his studies, he had to wander from forest to forest all his life. And I also love to walk in the forest. It can be said that our love happened in the forest. Another thing is his creativity, I like his thinking very much. I have seen and known him very closely. When the relationship happened, I did not feel it myself.’

Moushumi met Rana three years ago. While working on a web series.

The actress said, “In 2021, I met Golam Sohrab Dodul through a web series. During that time we developed a good friendship. Rana also worked as the story writer for Shankh Dasgupta’s seven-episode web series Guti. Because of the work, love also happens between us.’

Mousami said that no one has actually given a formal proposal of love. In his words, ‘Actually, our relationship happened without the knowledge of both of us. Have we offered to anyone? don’t remember It seems, until now he has not offered me love!’

Gaehlude Moushumi-Rana.  Photo: Taken from Facebook

Moushumi was supposed to get married in February. However, it is being answered very quickly this month. When asked about the reason for this, the Lux star said, ‘Yesterday, Gae Hualdu was held in a domestic event. I wanted to organize a grand event in February or March. But yesterday the close people have turned all my plans upside down.’

Incidentally, Satkhira’s daughter Moushumi Hamid entered the entertainment arena through the Lux Superstar competition. Then acted in plays and films.


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