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I am not a stay-at-home girl: Mumtaz

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Vocalist Mumtaz Begum, the defeated candidate of Manikganj-2 seat in the recently concluded National Assembly elections, said that the supporters of the winning candidate, Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu, have been cutting and injuring many of my workers with sharp weapons since the night of the election. Election workers are going door to door making cocktail explosions. If any of our workers are attacked, we will not sit at home. I am not a girl to sit at home.

He said these things at the party workers’ meeting organized by Mumtaz Begum at her home in Purb Bhakum area of ​​Singair upazila on Wednesday afternoon.

Mumtaz said, I am not a stay-at-home girl, I am a plowing girl all over the country, you cannot keep me under control by attacking the workers. We will deal with whatever happens next. I will stand with one.

Showing a photo of a worker injured in the attack by the supporters of the winning candidate in the meeting, vocalist Mumtaz said, “When my boys of Chhatra League and Jubilee leave their houses, the workers and supporters of the winning candidate are chasing them. We said the election was fair but with black money they bought the votes of BNP living in three unions (Baldhara, Baira and a part of the municipality). Voters in those unions who live abroad and have died have been given unusual votes. Because of this, I had to accept defeat in three unions by unusual votes.

When asked whether the attack on the workers was reported to the police, he said, “After the attack, I informed the OC and SP of Swa Swa police station.” I even filed a complaint with the police station. But till now no one has been arrested or detained in connection with the attack on my workers.

Regarding the complaint, the winning candidate of Manikganj-2 constituency, Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu, told reporters on the phone that after the election, we workers did not attack or beat any of Mumtaz Begum’s workers. On the contrary, his workers’ supporters are torturing and torturing my workers in various ways.

Manikganj-2 Constituency consists of Singair-Harirampur and a part of Sadar. Total voters in this constituency are 4 lakh 66 thousand 946 people. Among them 2 lakh 32 thousand 81 women voters and 2 lakh 34 thousand 865 male voters. In this constituency, Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu won by getting 6 thousand 171 votes against Mumtaz Begum.


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