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I Am Arrogant Savage Beast: Rupam after the tragic incident

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West Bengal has been in a frenzy over singer Rupam Islam for a few days now. A video of him has spread on social media, where it is seen that he entered the rest room after finishing the show. And at this time several photo hunters surrounded him hoping to take a selfie. Losing his temper, Rupam started abusing in unspeakable language. Even the singer can be seen shaking. Netizens condemned him in this incident. Various discussions and criticisms started about how he treated the fans like this. This rock star has announced that he will not do any more concerts because of this.

Rupam spoke about this while standing on the stage during a recent show at Ranaghat. Answered the detractors. The singer was then heard saying, ‘I will not sing anymore,’ Hindustan Times reported. Your society is a very noble society, keep it up. But I’m a rock artist. I can’t fit myself into your mold. I can’t match myself like this. I am not in this manner. You choose someone else. I will do the event. Then I won’t sing anymore.’

Rupam did not stop here and said, ‘I have nothing new to offer you. This world is the world of Facebook. This world is a world of selfies. This world is not for artists like me. Not at all for people with chapped lips. i’m inconsistent I will say what I have to say. I will say sitting in my living room. Hope no one comes there with a camera. I will definitely do the program that is announced. Then I won’t do it again.’

Addressing those who criticized Rupam’s language, Rupam said, ‘My parents didn’t write Bengali rock even during Kasmin. My father said that you sing classical music, then why did you go to Chaipass. I threw the guitar and broke the TV. I’m that guy. Remember I’m that guy… a little introduction to Bengali rock. Don’t worry I said something about today or tomorrow. Who says that? I proved all the theorists wrong. Yes the man is arrogant, yes the man is a savage beast. But I am me.’

Incidentally, Rupam Islam is one of the favorite singers of the young generation at this time. He is the vocalist of the band Fossils. His songs like ‘Ae Ekla Ghar’, ‘Neel Rong’, ‘Aro Ekbar’, ‘Hasnuhena’, ‘Khodo Amar Fossils’, ‘Ae Shravan’ are popular across both Bengali.


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