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Husband rapes wife in Jabi: What is said in the case

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Jahangirnagar University (JAB) Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall, a case has been filed against 6 people in connection with the rape of the wife by the husband. The victim’s husband (24) filed the case at Ashulia police station on Sunday morning.

Dhaka District Additional Superintendent of Police Abdullahil Kafi confirmed this information to reporters. He said that 4 arrested people have already been arrested.

6 names have been mentioned in the case. They are – Mostafizur Rahman (28), son of Mojibur Rahman of Bhangar Faridpur, Naogaon Md. Son of Hasir Uddin. Mamunur Rashid alias Mamun (44), Md. Murad (22), son of Fazlul Haque Sarkar of Bogra. Sabbir Hasan Sagar (24), Sagar Siddique (26) son of Mofizul Haque Siddique of Sagar Siddique of Kurigram and Hasanuzzaman (26) son of Mujibur Rahman of Rangpur.

It is said in the charge sheet of the case, Md. Mamunur Rashid alias Mamun and the plaintiff in the case used to live together on rent in the same house. From there their identity. 10 to 12 days before the incident, Mamun called the victim’s husband and told him about his accommodation problem. Thereafter the plaintiff kept Mamun in his house for 10 to 12 days. Then on Saturday at around 4 pm, Mamun called the victim’s husband and told him that an elder brother named Mostafizur Rahman of Jahangirnagar University had arranged for him to stay. From now on he will stay in the university hall.

Mamun then asked the victim’s husband to rush to Jahangirnagar University to meet him. The victim’s husband met Mamun in room 317 of the university’s Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall around 6 pm on Saturday. Later Mamun Mostafizur Rahman and Md. He introduced him to Murad. Mamun later asked the victim’s husband to call his wife to fetch the clothes left at the victim’s house.

The victim’s husband then called his wife and asked her to bring the clothes to the dairy gate of the university. Meanwhile, Mamun told the victim’s husband that he got some money from a shop. But the shopkeeper is not paying. That’s why he will buy TV-fridge for the victims from that shop.

Later, at around 9 pm, the victim woman came to the dairy gate and her husband took her from there and came in front of the tea shop in Mir Musharraf Hall. Then Mustafizur and Mamun asked the victim’s husband to go to the hall with Murad and leave the clothes. Later, when the victim’s husband entered the hall, Murad slapped him from behind and took away his mobile phone and asked him to stay in the hall room. After about an hour, Mamun and Mostafizur came to the hall room and told the victim’s husband that they had given his wife to the bus and she had left. At that time, Mamun and Mostafizur returned the victim’s husband and his wife’s mobile phone.

Later, the victim’s husband went to see his wife in front of the tea shop in the hall and came to know that his wife was raped by Mamun and Mostafizur in a forest inside Gate No. 2 of Botanical Garden of Jahangirnagar University around 9:20 PM.

After that, when the victim’s husband met Mustafizur and Mamun again to talk about it, they threatened him with various threats. Later, when the victim’s husband informed the police, the police went to the spot and rescued them.


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