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Husband beaten in front of everyone, wife’s suicide in ‘indignation’

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A housewife named Chandana Begum (37) committed suicide in Baghia area of ​​Shariatpur municipality, unable to bear her husband’s disrespectful behavior and beatings during the turmeric ceremony of Bhasur’s son. Chandna’s family alleged that her husband had instigated the suicide.

The incident took place in Baghia area of ​​the municipality last Friday night. However, the woman died while undergoing treatment at the Japan Bangladesh Friendship Medical Services Limited Hospital in Dhaka around 3:30 pm on Saturday.

Chandana Begum’s body was taken to the morgue of Shariatpur Sadar Hospital for post-mortem on Sunday afternoon after a complaint was made to the police station. Chandana Begum is the daughter of Azahar Khalifa of Khalifa Para village of Ward No. 3 of Nadia Municipality.

According to the police and Chandana’s elder brother Hannan Khalifa, Nurul Islam Chowkidar, son of the deceased Zahur Uddin Chowkidar of Shariatpur Municipality Baghia area, got married to Chandana Begum in 2005. They have two sons and a daughter in their family life. After the marriage, there was a quarrel between the husband and the wife. Nurul Islam sometimes used to beat Chandana Begum over trivial matters.

Chandana Begum Bhasur’s son had a turmeric ceremony on Friday night. Chandana goes to the event.

Chandana’s elder brother Hannan Khalifa said, why did he go to the event? There is an argument between husband and wife about this issue. At one stage Nurul Islam scolded and beat Chandana in front of people. Unable to bear the rude behavior and beatings, Chandana’s in-laws took her to Shariatpur Sadar Hospital when she went home and fell ill after consuming poisonous drugs.

The doctor on duty sent Chandana to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for better treatment. When the condition worsened there, the doctor on duty sent him to Dhaka Japan Bangladesh Friendship Medical Services Limited Hospital. Chandana Begum died on Saturday around 3:30 pm while undergoing treatment.

Chandana Begum’s brother Jilani Khalifa said, since marriage Nurul Islam used to beat my sister Chandana over trivial matters. Unable to bear the violence, the sister came to our house many times. Fearing honor, we brought him to his father-in-law’s house. On the day of the incident, Chandana was severely beaten and abused by her husband. Unable to bear such rude behavior and beating, my sister committed suicide. We demand justice for this murder.’

Chandana’s husband Nurul Islam Chowkidar could not be contacted to know about this.

Shariatpur Sadar Palang Model Police Station Investigation OC Md. Mosharraf Hossain said, based on the written complaint, the body has been sent to the morgue of Sadar Hospital. If you get the post-mortem report, you can tell what happened. But initially, what I found out is that the housewife committed suicide due to her disharmony with her husband.


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