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Hungary vetoes EU aid fund for Ukraine

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EU member states have agreed to start negotiations for Ukraine’s membership. The discussion started on Thursday. But within the negotiations, it was proposed to create an aid fund of 5 thousand 5 billion dollars for Ukraine. But Hungary vetoed it.

According to the British media BBC, the President of the European Council, Charles Michael, said in an announcement after the conference in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, “The European Council has decided to start negotiations on the membership of Ukraine and Moldova.”

Charles Michael’s spokesman said the decision was unanimous.

All the other countries of the 27-member bloc agreed to the decision except Hungary. Hungary did not agree to the vote but refrained from vetoing it. However, Hungary blocked an aid package worth 5,5 billion dollars for Ukraine. This fund cannot be passed unless all countries agree.

At the end of the conference, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, “In one word about the conference, we vetoed the extra money given to Ukraine.”

Ukraine desperately needs US and EU support in its ongoing war against Russia. While the US continues to provide aid, several European countries have stopped aid. This time the EU also did not agree to provide assistance. In this regard, EU leaders say that this discussion is not happening this year. An attempt will be made to reach an agreement on this next year.

In February 2022, Ukraine and Moldova applied for EU membership shortly after Russia began its operations in Ukraine. Both countries were granted candidate status for EU membership last June.

Meanwhile, Hungary has been threatening to block Ukraine’s EU accession talks for several weeks. But in the end, the country did not veto the decision to start these talks.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote in a post on Facebook, ‘Giving Ukraine EU membership is a very bad decision. Hungary does not want to be part of this decision.’

Orban’s main complaint about Ukraine’s membership was that Kiev was mired in rampant corruption. The country has no ability to survive without foreign aid. Moreover, the country is at war. In this situation, the discussion of Ukraine’s EU membership cannot be started.


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