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Hundreds of years ago these predictions met?

by Afonso
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In 1924, a newspaper published a report on some events that could happen in the next 100 years. Some pictures of that magazine have recently gone viral on social media.

According to Indian media outlet Money Control, Paul Fairey, a research associate at the University of Calgary in Canada, recently posted some pictures of old newspapers on his X handle. According to the news of the pictures, within 100 years the horse (originally meant as a vehicle of communication) will be extinct. Mechanical vehicles will increase. Podcasts will be popular. The average human life expectancy is hundreds of years. Even 75 year old people will be considered young. In 2024, these events are very similar.

It was also predicted that the film would be a messenger of peace around the world. It will also become the language of communication around the world. People will sit at home and watch movies. The recent rise of OTT platforms points to the fulfillment of these predictions.

Some predictions, however, have not yet been fully met. For example, the bed will automatically move away from the children after waking up in the morning. Trains will run three times faster and movies can be enjoyed sitting on the train. People will migrate from one planet to another.

Many users commented below the post. Many people expressed surprise and wrote, ‘100 years ago how to think about this! Surprise!’

Another user wrote, ‘The rise of artificial intelligence predicts that humans will one day become extinct.’

Another user wrote, ‘The use of horses as a means of communication has truly died out.’


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