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Humayunputra Nishad is doing the podcast

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Nishad Humayun is the elder son of famous writer Humayun Ahmed and popular actress Meher Afroz Shawon. Viewers will see him in a new way today. As announced, he is going to start a podcast.

Nishad recently announced on her Instagram wall that she will host a podcast on Saturday (December 30) at 7 pm. Where Nishad and his friends will talk about the educational system of Bangladesh. The starkid also invited everyone to watch it.

Nishad also wants to know what is the comment of the mother actress Shaun on such a step of her son. So on Friday (December 29), actress Shawn made a post on her Facebook. In that post, he shared a 22-second video of Nishad and wrote, ‘My son has been liked! The podcast did something like that. Now Shame on Shame has sent me to comment on his podcast. He posted this video on his Instagram profile the day before that podcast.’

Netizens are now eager to listen to Nishad’s audio show on Bangladesh’s educational system after Shaun’s post and invitation to Nishad’s podcast. That is the impression in the comment room.

Incidentally, a ‘Podcast’ is a type of audio show or series, which can be listened to at any time or in any condition, stored on a mobile or computer device. Initially in the form of audio but now with the benefit of technology it is also broadcast in the form of video. Where invited guests or podcast hosts talk about different topics.


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