Home News Human chain of employees at FDC demanding salary

Human chain of employees at FDC demanding salary

Human chain of employees at FDC demanding salary

Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) officials and employees have gone on the road without getting their salaries for five consecutive months. They claim that the salaries of 212 officials and employees have been withheld due to non-receipt of money from the government’s finance ministry. Therefore, yesterday (March 11) they formed a human chain in front of Zaheer Raihan Color Lab of FDC to demand salary.

An official participating in the benchmarking, who did not wish to be named, said, ‘Everyone is more or less in debt. Ramadan has also started. I can’t understand how to run a family.’

A woman official said, ‘I can’t pay our children’s school-college fees. Problems have arisen in everything from house rent. We want a quick solution.’

Talking about the matter, the public relations officer of this autonomous organization Himadri Barua said, ‘We are trying to solve the matter quickly. In the meantime, an application has been made to the concerned office.

It is known that the main reason behind the salary uncertainty is the decrease in the income of FDC. Once the institution was profitable, it also provided revenue to the government. The reasons behind the decline in income today are that raw film sales or lab prints used to be used during film production in 35 mm (celluloid), which has now stopped with the advent of digital technology. Apart from this, 70% of the company’s income has decreased due to the demolition of three floors in the construction of the FDC building. Apart from this, due to the decrease in cinema halls in the country, the interest of producers in making movies has also decreased.

Apart from this, FDC earns about Tk 45 to 50 lakh per month by renting out floor, camera, dubbing, editing, light, color grading, BFX, shooting spot etc. On the contrary, the salary of 212 officers and employees, incidental expenses including electricity and water bills is about 1 crore 10 lakhs per month. FDC is now in dire straits to reduce income.