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Human chain demanding to make the stadium field suitable for playing

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Shariatpur Birshrestha Shaheed Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rauf Stadium field has been human chained by students. The president of a voluntary organization named Praner Shariatpur gave a 10-day ultimatum to the district administration from the human chain program. Riyad Ahmed.

This ultimatum was given during the human chain at the main gate of Bir Shresh Shaheed Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rauf Stadium ground around 12 noon on Thursday. In this hour-long human chain, members of the organization and Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Government College Shariatpur participated in the human chain program with handwritten posters.

At this time the president of Pran Shariatpur. Riyad Ahmed said, ‘The trade fair has been organized in the stadium by stopping the field games at night, which has been allowed by the district administration. They are pushing our young society towards drugs. Along with the stadium players, school and college students play sports in this field. This is the only place to play sports in our district. They gave their hands in place of that life. Not only did they hand over, they also rented out this field for two months to conduct commercial activities. And in conducting this commercial activity, the field has been ruined. We protest against this ridiculous decision of the district administration.’

At this time, he told the district administration, ‘Besides making the field suitable for practice as before, bring the players back quickly. However, no business can be done in the name of field renovation by spending people’s money. The one who has decided this joke, should repair this field. Also we have to modernize the field among our players. We have come together today so that the administration cannot take any such rash decisions in future. In the next 10 days this ground must be made fit for playing again or we will go for a big movement.’

Ashiq Majhi, a college student in Manabbandhan, said, ‘The organizers of the fair have made the fair fair with the permission of the district administration. It does not leave room to say what they have done on the pitch. The boys of our district are going abroad instead of playing sports. The responsibility of this should be taken by the sports organization. The District Commissioner should have organized various tournaments to make the boys of our district sports oriented. They did not do that, on the contrary, they threw out those who used to play sports regularly in this stadium and organized a trade fair. The fair is no longer happening. Our only demand is to make our ground suitable for playing as before.’

When asked about this matter, Negarat Deputy Collector (NDC) Abhijit Sutradhar of the District Commissioner’s office said, ‘We will talk to the higher authorities about this. The field will be renovated very quickly by the district administration. ‘

It should be noted that the only ground in Shariatpur district is Bir Shresh Shaheed Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rauf Stadium. The district administration and district sports association allow industrial and trade fairs at the ground. Later the organizers excavated and constructed various structures. This stopped the game for three weeks. The field became dilapidated. In this situation, news is published in various media. Even though the fair was closed later, there is no initiative to renovate the grounds.


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