How to write a product review for affiliated marketing

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How to write a product review for affiliated marketing

In a world driven by consumer opinion, the role of product reviews has changed considerably. If you want to get the job done and help others, you’re wondering How to write a product review for affiliated marketing.

How to write a product review for affiliated marketing

Here’s how to write a product review for Affiliated marketing

  • Use the product!
  • Define the audience.
  • List the ups and downs.
  • Take Pictures and screenshots.
  • Get a Discussion Going
  • Describe the product.
  • Compare it with competing products and previous versions (if they exist).
  • Take a balanced approach (but be honest).
  • Take time with your conclusion.
How to write a product review for affiliated marketing

Use the product!

Being an independent marketer and reviewer claims to have access to the products you are going to review. You can just go ahead and buy them or pitch the manufacturers and just ask for access. It is very likely that the marketing representative of a company will be happy to give you access for at least that time to review the product.

Define the audience

Once you have joined the affiliate program or gained access to the products in some other way, make sure you have done your research and studied the product. You want to be an expert. Be curious and find out everything about brands and products. Involve competitors in your research and across the industry before you start your review.

How to write a product review for affiliated marketing

List the ups and downs

Everything has ups and downs, and no product is perfect – it’s important to remember that as a reviewer.

It is so important in a product review that in order to take a balanced approach, you have to hit both the good and the bad. And be honest; Didn’t really work, and what – regardless of your use – was absolutely nailed?

Take Pictures and screenshots

Pictures and screenshots are very important for writing excellent product reviews. By including pictures, you are not just talking about the product, you are showing it.

This helps the reader to visually understand the product.

Include product screenshots throughout your review. The more pictures you have in your review, the better.

How to write a product review for affiliated marketing

Get a Discussion Going

Any time you publish any content (not just reviews), ask for feedback and highlight the discussion. Let people speak their minds and create a dedicated space for discussion and try to build a community.

This will invite your readers to review – and user-generated reviews are extremely powerful. Millennials, for example, believe in 50% more user-generated content than other media.

So, give users the ability to create that content!

The more social evidence you submit under your own review the better. There are also some tough SEO reasons for this. A discussion thread lengthens a web page which helps it to index and rank.

Describe the product

Now, you are not the marketing team for this product, but you still have a job to do to describe it to your audience.

This is great because you can describe it without the pressure of a marketing strategy or a list of pre-defined features and benefits that you need to mention. You can describe it just as you see it – warts and all.

With your audience in mind, go into as much detail as you think they will need. For example, if they are likely to be particularly technical, be as juicy as you need them to be. If they only want a high level of overview, don’t get bogged down in ‘under-the-hood things.

How to write a product review for affiliated marketing

Compare it with competing products and previous versions (if they exist)

Product comparison is crucial for any good review. They give your readers a clear picture of the whole section. Your readers will know what the options are and will feel more confident about getting the proposed model.

Talking about options will give you credibility – especially if you can say more than that, “Hey, these are available too!”

Take a balanced approach (but be honest)

Complete transparency is key. Keep an eye out for rewards and remember:

People will quickly put the two and the two together and if you are not honest they will notice (and inevitably increase the noise).

It is always good to see the products through the eyes of the buyer. There is no point in deceiving your audience into thinking that there is nothing wrong with your product. Instead, keep the balance.
Honesty will win your credibility and users will become loyal and will visit your blog or site whenever they want to make a purchase.

How to write a product review for affiliated marketing

Take time with your conclusion

  • You’ve almost gotten there and by now you know how to create interesting product reviews.
  • The final part of any product review is the conclusion. And trust me, you don’t want to mess it up.
  • Your conclusion product should offer your personal opinion. Whether it is good or bad, your opinions and final thoughts should be honest.
  • If the product is good, the conclusion will again highlight the key features of the product to encourage the user to make a decision.

No matter what you are trying to sell — one of the easiest ways to make money on your blog is by writing great product reviews.

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