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How to use Gmail without internet

by Afonso
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Urgent email has arrived, but you’re in a location where the internet isn’t working. Many do not understand what to do in such a situation. But there is a way, in which you can use Gmail without internet. You can access Gmail completely in offline mode.

Turn on offline mail
* First open Gmail in Google Chrome browser. Because this mode will not work in any other browser.
* Then click on Settings in the upper right corner.
* Select settings option and click on offline tap.
* After this checkmark you will see offline email box.
* Then select the day email you want to sync for access.
* Whether you want to keep offline data or drop it, that option will be shown.
* Then select the Enable Offline option and click Save Changes.

How to Access Gmail Offline
* When you’re offline, open mail.google.com in a Chrome browser.
* Here you have to confirm the offline mode message.
* You can then browse your inbox.
* You can search your mails in offline mode. Get the mails that were synced offline.
* Cannot download mail. But can be viewed in offline mode.


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