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How to teach your child to read story books

by Afonso
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Complaints are often received from mothers that their children do not want to read books. Busy with TV and devices all the time. As a result, it becomes a hindrance in the mental development of children.

So here are some research-based tips for parents on how to enjoy reading with babies and toddlers. The first and best way to introduce children to books is to have fun reading together.

When children make positive connections with books, they develop a better understanding of reading. Which later plays a helpful role in developing their habit of reading books.

Here are a few more ways to get your baby or toddler into the habit of reading in childhood:

Don’t worry if you don’t finish the story
Young children have very short attention spans. This attention span increases over time. Let your child decide how long he wants to read. And you don’t need to read every page.

You may notice that your child likes a page in a book or has a favorite picture. He may be on that page longer. Don’t worry about that. Because when you let your child read or be with the book he wants, his interest in reading books is multiplied and meaningful.

Talk or sing about the pictures
There is no such thing as telling a story you always have to read aloud. Try ‘reading’ or explaining the pictures in the book to your child. You can also sing while telling the story. When your child is old enough, ask him to explain the pictures.

Encourage children to turn the pages of books
Children at a young age cannot turn from one page of a book to the next on their own. But at 18 months they try to turn the pages of the book and by the age of 3 – by the time he learns to turn the pages on his own.

Show the cover page of a children’s book
Show them the cover page of the book and tell them what the inside story will be like. If your child is a little older, ask them to guess what the story might be.

Show the children the words
As you read, place your finger over the letters and move them from left to right.

Bring the story to life
Create different voices for the characters in the story. Make different gestures while telling the story, so that each character in the story comes alive.

Add personal experience
Talk about your own family, pets, or community while pretending to tell a story while reading a book.

Ask and question the story
Talk about the story during conversation with your child. Talk about what you see in the pictures in the story or what you read in the story, during the conversation. Ask your child for feedback, questions about the story.

The bottom line is, children will learn best if they enjoy reading.

Author: Researcher at Shishu Bikash.com


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