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How to take care of soft lips in winter

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Regular scrubbing is also required to keep lips soft and pink. Mix sugar and lemon juice and rub it on your lips once a week. Massage until the sugar dissolves. Also apply lip balm every morning and night. Also, once a week, apply almonds, rose petals, a teaspoon of milk and a pinch of beetroot together on the lips. When dry, rub it off with wet hands. It will soften the lips and also remove the blackness.

In addition, there are some ingredients that will make your lips pink, soft and beautiful. One of them is rose petals and milk. Rose petals are beneficial for the skin. Being a natural moisturizer, it softens and nourishes the lips. Mixing it with milk removes black color from lips. So soak 5-6 petals in milk overnight. Then grind it into a paste and apply it gently on the lips every morning.

Coconut oil is very beneficial for our skin and hair. This oil moisturizes the lips and protects them from chapping. You can apply coconut oil on your lips before going to bed at night. It will make the lips soft and shiny. If you have chapped lips, you can easily use aloe vera gel. Apply aloe vera gel on the lips at night before going to bed. Applying aloe vera gel keeps the lips moist. It will make the lips soft and pink.


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