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How to stay safe from data theft

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Currently, data breaches are often happening through cyber attacks. As a result, various problems including information theft, illegal transactions, money laundering are being created. However, by following some steps along with awareness, it is possible to stay safe from cyber attacks. Let us know about some such steps.

Google the email address
An easy way to check whether information has been leaked online is to search for your email address on Google. If the email address is found after the search, the user can apply to have the personal information removed.

Warning about password leaks
Check whether the email or password has been leaked. Information regarding this can be found on the Have I Been Pawned website.

Use a password manager
After checking whether the password has been leaked or not, if you don’t want to face any problem in the future, you must use a password manager. Using the same password on multiple websites is very risky. Apart from this, if there is doubt about any password, it should be changed quickly.

Login activity
Login activity needs to be monitored to keep account secure. For this, login security warning alerts can be set on various social media including Gmail.

Verify connected devices
In addition to the login security warning, you should also occasionally check how many devices are connected to the network. If any unknown device is found then it should be removed.

Verification of bank account transactions
Hackers often access social media and email to steal personal information. This includes financial transactions and bank information. Therefore, to be safe from information leakage, the information of money transfer through bank account and card must be verified.

Credit card balance check
You need to keep track of the credit card balance. If any information appears to be incorrect and transactions appear to be unusual then prompt action should be taken.

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