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How to send messages from computer to phone

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Sometimes using mobile phones can cause problems in exchanging messages. Many people do not understand what to do to send the necessary message. Or you have to face an embarrassing situation due to not replying to the message on time. In such a situation, it is possible to exchange messages from the computer using the web version of the Messages app on the Android phone.

How to send messages from computer to phone
* To exchange messages from computer to phone, first go to Google Messages web version.

* Then enter the Messages app from the phone and select ‘Device Pairing’ after tapping on the profile name option on the top right side.

* Now tap on ‘Switch to QR Pairing’ option and select ‘QR Code Scanner’ on the next page.

* After scanning the QR code, the Messages app will be launched on the computer’s browser. From here users can exchange messages on their phones.

* To logout the web version of the Google Messages app from the computer, click on the three dot menu above the Google Messages web version of the browser and ‘unpair’.


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